Sandoval Suspended for creeping Instagram during game

Last week Pablo Sandoval excused himself during a Sox/Braves game to go use the restroom. And instead of bringing a newspaper or maybe some notes on the game, he decided to hop on his cell and check out what was on Instagram. Seems harmless, right? And, while taking care of his buisness, Pablo happened to like two of user “diva_legacy”‘s photos. Once again, seems harmless, right?

Well Pablo got called out. Our tattletale boy Jared called out Pablo for being on Instagram during the game, which the Sox did go on to lose. For this “ungentlemanly” behavior, and use of a cell phone during the game, Sandoval was suspended for a game.

Can I Just Be Frank here (see what I did there) and say that with a history of fried chicken, beer, and gambling, or even “Manny being Manny” running off the field to use the john, we’re really going to chastise a player for scrolling through his phone while using the bathroom? I mean…. It’s not like he’s just sitting there in the dugout tweeting. Who would even blame him if he was? With a record like ours I’d be trolling the Interwebs too. 

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