“I grew up a poor black child” 

 Everyone’s seen Steve Martin in The Jerk- right?

Unlike Steve Martin’s character in the above mentioned movie, Rachel Dolezal did NOT grow up on a southern farm raised by a black family. She DID however, grow up in a white home with white biological parents in suburban Montana (until she went to college in MS and later, Howard University)

It’s being brought up that not only did Rachel Dolezal move to a new city and lie about her race to everyone she met, but she had her brainwashed adopted brother help cover her tracks also. This chick has left a long line of lies and deceit that spans back to decades ago- with fun things like:

  • suing Howard university for discrimination (god knows what was being discriminated)
  • Estranging herself from her parents
  •  sending her brother to jail for claiming he molested her siblings
  • divorcing her husband because he was “abusive” to their child
  • claiming KKK was threatening her with nooses and vandalism.
  • Getting spray tanned regularly and denying “blackface”

But my most favorite thing about this entire whack job of a lady is- when she finally gets busted for being a cracker, her defense is that she had “always identified as black- blackish” and can even recall drawing pictures of herself as a 5 year old using the brown crayon.

This bitch better watch her back, and not for the KKK, but for Caitlyn Jenner. No this Dolezal biatch did NOT just steal her thunder.

I don’t care if you identify yourself as a certain race, gender, animal, whatever. Do you. Have fun, go nuts. Just don’t hurt anyone. Let’s be honest, this is not the first white girl who wanted to imitate the home gurlz T Boz and Chilli. Who doesn’t look up to Queen Beyoncé and her royal highness Ms. Jackson?! Even more so, being a Boston gal of irish descent myself, especially around St. Paddys day, you’ll see people wearing shirts that say “Kiss me Im Irish” or “Irish I was drunk” (we’re really clever up here) or even witness dudes arm wrestling over who’s more Irish. ( “Well my uncles neighbor has a brogue!” “Yea, so? My cousin Shamus’ girlfriend is from Galway!”). Every dude from my suburbia hometown thought they were thugs. Trying to be a race you’re not is not uncommon. But to go all the way to president of the local NAACP chapter? That’s  where you’ve gone to far, girlie.

My point is that this chick is bananas. Like the mentally unstable “Gone Girl” type of chick. If you asked her what she had for breakfast she’d say grits even if it was Captain Crunch. She’s going to have her 15 minutes of black injustice, but mark my words…. She’s not done yet. I’m feeling some sort of lawsuit coming on, cuz a mofo like this loves to ruffle feathers. Or weaves. Whatevs.

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