TOUCHDOWN! Proud of these boys!

Noah: Matt you did great!

Matt: Of course I did!

Well, my nephews are official celebrities!  After an awe-inspiring display of sportsmanship and kindness by the Westford, MA an Dracut, MA Pop Warner programs my nephew, Matthew was given the incredible opportunity to score the first touchdown of the 2015 season this past Sunday.  Matthew is bound to a wheelchair due to his diagnosis of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).  He was not expected to live beyond the age of 2.  Well, Matthew, now 6, is fighting the good fight everyday as we hopefully get closer to a cure that would allow him a longer, healthier life.

I decided to video this incredible event and with the reach of social media, it spread like wild fire.

You will see Matthew’s brother Noah (#15, who is on the team) hand the football off too him and the rest was history!

As of today, close to 300,000 views and nearly every local (and a few national) media outlets  picked up this story.

In a time when all we hear of is kids bullying eachother and outrageous acts of violence and hatred, this should make everyone proud that goodness is still around us.

I gathered all the growing news coverage in this one spot for your viewing pleasure.  Prepare for the goosebumps and the dusty eyes….

Without further ado…

Original Video in Full

WHDH – Boston, Channel 7

WCVB – Boston, Channel 5


Fox Sports

Fox 25 – Boston

Bleacher Report

WSFB – Connecticut

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