Fancy Feast on this: Cats are Cooler than You


Move over dog lovers, cats are now cool.
It’s true. For eons dogs have held the spotlight, and it’s far time now that their reign ends. No longer are dog parks cool, now it’s cat cafes and whole events dedicated to our feline friends.

I know this, because as a single 30year old who owns 2 cats, I have been the butt of all my friends jokes for far too long. My Facebook wall is primarily my friends posting a cat meme or some YouTube vid of a cat who did something silly. Yesterday I was notified (more than once) of CatCon that took place in L.A. this weekend. Over 10,000 people showed up to convene together in name of the almighty Puss. T-shirts, pillows, tattoos and most fantastic of all, a guest appearance of her royal highness, Li’l Bub.  Snapchat had a live feed snap from the convention. Articles were written worldwide. I’m just counting down the days to CatCon Boston.
No longer is it just dirty hipsters and eclectic single ladies who now see the benefits of cats, here are some reasons why cats are better than dogs:

  • They groom themselves. Self-Baths are constant, and do not require you to spend money or time getting a groomer
  • You can leave them alone for a few days and they’re happier that way. Big bowl of food and water, clean litterbox and their pushing you out the door. None of this having to go for walks, or barking at all hours of the night to use the bathroom. Ugh, who needs that kind of responsibility?
  • You need to earn their respect. That’s an important life lesson. You don’t just walk up to someone and rub their ears. Dogs teach you this is okay. It’s not. Don’t just assume you can go in for the belly rub- cats keep you in line.
  • Who needs an exterminator when cats are around? Not just little mice, but did you know cats love spiders, lady bugs, ants, and anything else that moves into their path? See ya creepy crawlers
  • When cats jump on your lap or in your bed they don’t take up much space, and actually work as great feet warmers in the winter.

So let’s just stop giving cat ladies a bad rap. We just knew all along what it took ages for the rest of our culture to see

(Yes, that’s my idol Stephen King with his cat)

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