POLL: How many beers would it take, fellas?

A.  0-3 (Seek counciling.  Strongly consider suicide)

B. 3-6 (Develop some alcohol tolerance, Nancy…or Caitlyn)

C. 6-10 (Nope, you’re still not getting a pass)

D. 10+ (OK, maybe just some light ‘petting’?  Maybe)

E.  No amount would do the trick (Liar.  We all have a #)

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About Frank McCabe

Frank McCabe is an avid relaxer and Chinese food (i.e. Mai Tai) connoisseur. When he is not tending to his 'real' job, his wife and three children, Frank escapes reality by writing and inventing anything "funny" that pops in his head. With a Bachelors degree in Silliness, Frank subscribes to the theory that life is short...and, well, that kinda sucks, doesn't it? In his downtime Frank enjoys skinny skiing and going to bullfights on acid. @fhmccabe

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