Ryder Cup Week!

In case you forgot, arguably the most exciting event in golf is happening this week – The 2014 Ryder Cup.  From Glasgow, Scotland (If its not Scottish, It’s Crap), The United States will face the highly favored European team.  I have said it before, you don’t have to like golf.  You don’t even have to like sports.  But you MUST love your country!  The Ryder Cup is everything that is right about sports and competition.  It’s like the Olympics, only interesting and not fueled by steroids (apologies to the Russian Women’s Water Polo team, but you know it’s true you commie, face-shaving she-males).

The Ryder Cup is not about money, rankings or fame.  It’s about trying to decimate people from other parts of the world who talk funny.  It’s pissah!

For those of you saying “golf is too slow/quiet/boring/uneventful”, check this video and get back to me when your goosebumps go away. (by the way, people NEVER cheer when golfers are hitting, in case you don’t get it, dummahs!)

Well, if that didn’t make you feel excited about sports in America, then try this on for size…




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