Time with my Dad…

For those of you (dare I suggest dozens?) that have read my “stuff” in the past know you are usually in for a sarcastic, self-deprecating voyage into the silliness that crosses my mind from time to time.  Life is too damn short not to have fun, right?  So, with that said, I just wanted to comment on a subject just slightly more serious.

My wife and I had the rare pleasure of getting away for a night this past weekend.  Our three kids were safe and happy spending a night with my in-laws and we were able to enjoy a family wedding; just the 2 of us and my side of the family.

The wedding was great.  My much younger cousin married a great girl (first time I met her, but I think my instincts are correct) and we had a ball.

In addition to enjoying the great company of my large family of aunts, uncles and cousins, I got to spend some time with my parents.  Specifically, I got a solid hour of one on one time with my Dad.  That afternoon we had lunch together but shortly thereafter my wife and Mom took off to do a little shopping and it was just me and the most senior of the Franks left to hang out.  Just us.

We bellied up to an almost 200 year old quaint bar in rural Western Massachusetts and just sat, relaxed and had a drink together  No stress.  No distractions.  No “real” life to discuss.  We just talked.  Talked life.  Talked about anything.  And it was awesome.

I make no secrets that my Dad is as much my best friend as he is my father.  For those of you that know him; you know why.  He is fun, funny, interesting and certainly opinionated.  He loves to enjoy life and he really loves to do that most with his family surrounding him.  As his only son, I get inside access to his wit and banter on a regular basis.

We discussed life, politics, humor, the menu we are serving for Thanksgiving….and anything else that crossed our minds.  No filters.  No judgments.  Just the guy that taught me everything and I; pontificating on how we would run the world.  Pretty awesome stuff and, like the rest of you, its hard to find the quality time to do such.

Big Frank is the man.  Big Frank takes care of everything… for everyone… and is glad to do so.  He shoulders the burden of 10 people and the definition of what a real man should be.  I am proud of him.  I love him.  I hope you are all as lucky as me to have an influence like that in your lives.

Don’t let the time pass you by without having chats with people in your life like Big Frank.  You’ll regret it.

Thanks, Dad…

P.S.  He is also slightly batshit crazy, but hey….can’t pick your family.



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