How to handle the Irish Whisper

Couple weeks late here but a subject near and dear to my heart….

Props to Frank for re-sharing the informative post regarding the Irish Exit- one of my most notorious and highly overused party tricks. (If you didn’t catch it you can read it here)
However, unbeknownst to some people, the Irish also invented another social faux pas- one that I happen to perform usually as just prior to the Irish Exit, and this my friends is the almighty IRISH WHISPER. This would be the art of thinking you are quietly saying something to the person sitting next to you, usually regarding someone/something within ear shot- but in reality you are actually quite audible. This is usually partnered with either a beer in hand or a nice glowing wine buzz. 

So before you decide to talk about the guy at works’ divorce as he’s sitting with collegues just one table over, remember this helpful anagram: 

B- Boisterous. Be sure to keep your voice low enough that you cannot hear what you’re saying. Having the person you’re speaking to say, “what?” Is much easier than having to wave at the person who just heard you say their name. Am I being to boisterous right now?

E- Ease. Slowly ease into the whisper by first checking to make sure you are in far enough away ear shot. Then proceed with your gossip.

E- Eavesdropping. Don’t let someone close by be able to hear you. They may have an Irish whisper as well, and might not know this handy anagram.

R- Run like hell. Irish exit. Irish goodbye. If all else fails, sidesaddle your way towards the door and pretend you were never there. 

BEER. Excellent! Now that everyone is ready for the weekend, get out there and get your smack talking game faces on! 

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