Austin “Champ” Fontanella is a TV star



So very proud of our own local “Champ”, Austin Fontanella. Still at the tender age of 24 and he is the nightly sports anchor for a major NY station. Pretty awesome and while I wish him the very best, I wish more just to be him. As the 2nd most famous Austin (Powers) once said, “Men want to be me and girls want to be WITH me.”

Actually, forget that, I am filled with jealousy and rage. Smug little bastard. Who does he think he….ah hell, can’t go through with even the fake insult. Great stuff buddy! All of us here at CIBF, WCAP, the city of Lowell and beyond….all proud of Ya.

Don’t screw up being drunk on air or chasing interns around the news desk a la Bob Lobel.

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