Proof Peyton Manning is an Ass!


Before Jameis Winston, Peyton Manning Had His Own Sexual Misconduct Issue

What does Jameis Winston have in common with college-aged Peyton Manning? Other than being among the best quarterbacks of their time, they’ve both found themselves in hot water thanks to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Jameis Winston catches a lot of heat for his immaturity, and deservedly so. Even after the controversial rape allegation that cast a cloud over his Heisman-winning season, the Florida State quarterback has continued to make headlines for inglorious purposes, whether it’s stealing food from a grocery store or yelling graphic sexual slurs in a public setting.

He’s certainly no golden child. Then again, neither was Manning.Today he’s one of the most popular figures in the NFL, and well-known for his sportsmanship and for being an all-around good guy. But according to a new column by Jason McIntyre of TheBigLead, Manning should be counting his blessings that he didn’t grow up in the social media era. As the article points out, Manning had a sexual misconduct suit against him that is virtually unknown to the public at large.

In the suit, Manning was accused by a then-University of Tennessee female trainer of dropping his pants during an injury examination, and placing his buttocks and private parts on her face.That sounds bad on its own, but it gets worse: Another student-athlete observed the incident and, several years later, wrote Manning a letter, urging him to admit what he had done.The trainer immediately brought her complaint to the university, and she won a settlement from the school before leaving her position.

But the incident resurfaced several years later, when Manning wrote his perspective in his autobiography. He described the trainer as having a “vulgar mouth.” The trainer, who was then the program director at Florida Southern College, was demoted and apparently lost her job due to the vulgar accusation.Manning had settled with her out of court over the incident, but he had to re-settle with her once again after discussing the incident on ESPN , which violated the terms of the agreement.All in all, it’s a story that tarnishes the image Manning has cultivated over a long, successful career, and an incident that he no doubt regrets. If this had become a major national news story while Manning was still in college, it’s one that could have altered the course of his career.

So there it is everyone, finally proof that the dolphin faced sqeaky clean endorsement junkie is actually an asshole. So do you think he gets in trouble when he makes it to the NFL for putting his ass in some trainers face. Hell no he doesn’t, he does what every other rich guy with any sense should do, you pay for it to go away. That’s why Kobe is still playing basketball, he paid for his oops sorry about the rape heres’ season tickets and 5 million Colorado vacation. Its why Michael Jackson kept playing hide the match box car with every kid on the tilt-a-wheel. For Christ sakes ever Ferris Bueller killed 2 people in a car accident (I know right, changes that whole parade scene now) but you don’t hear about that on the E network.

The problems in the NFL dont just stop at moon landings. Theres wife beatings, kid beatings, OUIs, drugs, and thats just a weekend with Lawrence Taylor.The NFL needs to stop acting like counciling and talking about feelings is going to stop these animals from beating the shit out of every man, woman and child around.  Yes, they should all be suspended but lets not act like this is a shock to people. Your telling me that it took an elevator video of a woman getting punched by her fiancé for people to say “wait a tick, these guys need counciling”. I mean personally I think a woman who can take a punch is sexy, look at Ronda Rousey.

The funny thing here is if we had cell phone video of that broad taking Peytons ass to her face, its possible that he would be an even shittier quarterback then he is now. So even Espns favorite highlight film Peyton Manning is an ass clown just like the rest of the NFL .Yes we have all done juvenile things like Peyton, I cant count how many times ive put my penis on peoples shoulders while they read at the library, but that’s just me enjoying the weekend. So before everyone starts crying about how bad the sport is and how they all should be kicked out of the league once they are arrested for jay walking, remember that even the NFLs binky is an asshole.


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