How about Washington Cranky Pants?


        Apparently the Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder doesn’t think there is anything disrespectful about his teams’ nickname. Snyder you need to smarten up bub, you’re about as up to date as my health records. You really need to be looking at the big picture here to capitalize on this opportunity. You can change the name to anything you want which leads to everyone who is a fan of your crap team has to buy all new shirts, hats, and the rest of the overpriced garbage. Never mind the fact that the logo is pretty much a slap in the face to all 120 American Indians left in the country and that’s only counting half of Jacoby Ellsbury. This is also your chance to piss off every other team in every sport that is remotely close to making somebody shed a tear like that trash hating Indian guy from the 80’s. For starters you can go after teams in your own league.  You can go after the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs and that’s just the Indian Community. Look at the Denver Broncos, that name is disparaging to numerous Americans as well. I think John Elway, Shannon Sharpe, Nancy Kerrigan, Kanye West and the rest of the horse toothed people would get behind that name change.  I’m sure you can talk to Andre’s relatives and Khloe Kardashian about having them help you change the NY Giants. The NFL is just the tip of the ice berg my friend.

     There are a ton of team names that insult someone of a certain race, creed and background.  I will just rattle a few off my head, Cleveland Indians-Indians, Minnesota Vikings –blondes, Alabama Crimson Tide- women, Green Bay Packers- my uncles husband, Washington Wizards – David Copperfield,  New York Yankees – Pee wee Herman, and Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The last one hits home really hard making me cry to sleep at night. You think I’m happy about the Notre Dame fighting Irish? Ohhhh so all Irish guys drink whisky and then want to fight about stupid issues. First off I haven’t had whisky in over 4 hours and I haven’t had a stupid fight in 7 hours (You know Mo Vaughn is better than Jim Rice goddamn it DAD). Yes Irish people drink and fight but just as much as everyone else.  I don’t plan on having anything to drink until at least noon today, unless you’re buying or its Friday. The ND logo also wants to suggest that the Irish all should be short and have red beards. I mean besides my legal midget pal Tobin most of my Irish friends and family are of average height.  Forget about my beard, it has more of a Tom Hanks-Philadelphia- AIDS vibe to it than the leprechaun look. You all know I love ND just as much as the next guy (no tattoo or anything) but all stereotype logos are wrong and need to be changed immediately. Seriously and if you don’t agree with my point of view then you should be thrown in the stupid loud drunken asshole Irish vehicle, oh right I mean the PADDY WAGON.

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