Back in Business!

frank the tank

Welcome back (or just plain welcome) to all! The new and improved Can I Be Frank? website has arrived (I am sure you have been on the edge of your seats!) In any case, I am very happy to launch the new site and offer an all encompassing package of my nonsense. You will notice that in addition to the blog, we have added a few other pages for your entertainment. Most exciting is I have recruited some very funny people to contribute and provide their insights and humor on a total wide range of topics. Some of these people are using their real names…others using aliases because they don’t want you to know how weird they are. We will continue to add bells and whistles but we anticipate that this site will be full of fresh updates and news on a daily (maybe semi-daily, depending when our nap time occurs) basis.

Thank you for checking in and we hope you visit often.

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