Red Sox great Wade Boggs drank 107 beers…in a row

As a kid growing up in the 80s in Boston, Wade Boggs was pretty much as great as they come in your sport universe.  Right up there with Larry, Mosi and Cam.  Outside of his disgusting move to the New York Yankees late in his career, the Boggs man was great at four things:  baseball, eating chicken, philandering and, as you will see in this clip, drinking brew.

The rumor has always been Boggs based 64 Miller Lite beers in a day/flight….but Wado told the hilarious Charlie Day during a taping of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ the number is actually 107.


Repeat: 107

I want to call bullshit here…but hey…I don’t know?  Guy was a bigger than life sports star.  He had a bigger than life mustache (we’re talking Wyatt Earp/Doc Holiday league mustache).  Those 2 factors alone lead me to believe he could pull this off.

I have a buddy named “Brian” who I have seen whack back a 30 pack with relative ease…and he is just an idiot…not some highly skilled, highly trained, highly testosterone-ized, highly paid Hall of Fame Red Sox.  He’s a regular dude with way to much time on his bladder.

So, before you dismiss Sir Wade’s claim, digest this information for a few moments.  Better yet, see if you are as much a man as he?  Grow a mustache.  Go out and grab yourself 4 1/2 cases of Miller Lite and show ’em who’s boss?  My guess is your mustache will be grown sooner that you finish the 107.

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