Sexually Assaulted with Laughter

Bill Cosby ‘Late Show’ Appearance Canceled After Rape Allegations Resurface


In yet another canceled appearance, Bill Cosby will no longer be on The Late Show next week.

Cosby had been schedule for the Nov. 19 episode, but has been replaced on the schedule with Regis Philbin, to whom host David Letterman has often turned to fill in when a guest cancels.

It is unclear if Cosby or The Late Show canceled the appearance.  A rep for The Late Show did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but she told The New York Times she could not “comment on the booking process.”

Cosby has been the center of controversy after allegations he sexually assaulted multiple women resurfaced. In 2006, the comedian settled out of court with a woman who claimed he’d sexually assaulted her. According to court documents, the attorneys planned to bring forward 13 other women with similar allegations. Cosby has denied these allegations.

But the claims resurfaced after critics complained that a new Cosby biography left out the rape allegations. A rant from stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress about the allegations also brought them to the forefront, as well as the news in January that Cosby was reteaming with NBC for a new sitcom.

Cosby recently withdrew from a planned appearance on The Queen Latifah Show, while a meme contest publicized on Cosby’s Twitter account became a platform for his critics to lash out at the comedian over the rape allegations.

When I first read this story I immediately assumed that Cosby was guilty and could see him luring these young actress’ with promises of introducing them to Theo, Cockroach and Dwayne Wayne.  Then something in my head said “Wait a minute he hasn’t been convicted of forcing his pudding pop on anyone yet”. How many times have we seen people falsely accused and have their careers ruined. So I am not going to judge one way or the other until I hear all the facts and circumstances. It was the late 80’s and early 90’s for Christ sake,  Hell if Bill Cosby offered me a late night drink and a trip to see his sweater lair I’m there in a heart beat. Id get to hear how he came up with the idea of the “pudding pop” after a threesome with Paula Poundstone and Lazer form American Gladiators.

Its probably all a misunderstanding to begin with…..

Maybe these women were cutting his hair at the salon and he had his elbows out to far.

Its possible these incidences all happened during Ghost Dad and Bill thought nobody could see him.

Did he really think he was a Doctor and did breast exams?

Didn’t anyone think that maybe these women are only after his money from Leonard Part 6.

A Umass Amherst student would never do that

Although he did keep saying “I SPY boobies”

Maybe this woman was cleaning his teeth and he had his elbows out to far.

Its always sad when you see these types of allegations finally coming to light when these celebrities are older. Bill Cosby is 78 years old now and Fat albert has been dead from diabetes a long time but these stories need to be heard. Guilty or not its all different now, because when I sit down to watch Cosby now all I’m going to think about is that he assaulted all these actresses with Dizzy Gillespies trumpet.  End of an era….

One thought on “Sexually Assaulted with Laughter

  1. It’s about time. It’s not one allegation we are talking it’s 13. Where there’s smoke there’s fire! He’s been paying them off in the past.


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