“BREAKING: Baker Goes on Cocaine-Fueled Hooker Binge”

C baker

(A little late on this post, but….)

Yes, that was the headline Martha/Marsha C(h)oakley was hoping to awaken and see in yesterday morning’s Boston Globe.  But that didn’t happen.  Our newly elected Gov accepted victory with grace and respect for his opponent. Personally, I would have rubbed it in her face with a litany of cheesy ‘Baker’ one liners! (insert double-barrel air guns and/or middle finger bombs to each of these phrases as well)

‘Martha, you just got Baked!”

“Wake and Bake(r), Martha…the party is over!”

“The Loser, The Faker, and the new Gov Baker!”

And of course….”Be sure toShake it before you Baker it!

Martie, you should have taken your lumps like man.


To quote Imagine Dragons, ‘welcome to the new age’, MC!  Be sure to keep the want ads (and some Pepto) at close range.