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Can I Be Frank & Crew is a page dedicated to the writings and projects of Frank McCabe and his merry band of funny men and women. On a day to day basis you will read the comical stylings, observations and thoughts of Frank and his contributors. The goal of this website is to entertain and occasionally inform our readers.

Can I Be Frank? is the creative brainchild of founder, Frank McCabe. Over the last decade, Frank has conceptualized and cultivated a variety of social, digital and print media projects.

The genesis of Can I Be Frank? was a blog that began in 2010. Frank wrote weekly columns about a complete (and often random) range of subjects. With humor at the root of most of his works, Frank focused his musings on everyday life, family, business, sports, entertainment and a variety of other topics for his (dare we say ‘dozens’ of) readers at the time.

In 2012, Frank compiled a collection of tales and published his first book; Can I Be Frank?: An Auto-BLOG-raphy. There are even hard copies!

In 2013, Frank penned his first screenplay, “St. Patrick’s Day” a comical recap of six high school students getting way over their head on this beloved day of Irish revelry. We are still waiting for Hollywood to come knocking for the right to produce.

Also, in 2013, the Can I Be Frank? radio show was born. The weekly talk program was basically a translation of Frank’s blog in to live, streaming, and exhilarating AM radio waves. Along with many co-hosts and a diverse guest line up, the program was a great outlet until we realized “podcasts” were apparently thing. That is coming soon!

In 2017, Frank was picked up as a contributor to Boston Sports Extra where he offers a light-hearted and humorous take on our favorite Beantown teams and beyond.

A slew of other projects including short sketch comedy writings and a submission to NBC’s Playground competition round out a lot of years of hustle by Frank and some of his co-conspirators.

Please check in with us frequently and also follow us on Facebook and Twitter

We welcome comments and questions…and by all means make fun of us. We love that!

Thanks for your interest!

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