Frank McCabe
Frank McCabe is an avid relaxer and Chinese food (i.e. Mai Tai) connoisseur. When he is not tending to his ‘real’ job, his wife and three children, Frank escapes reality by writing and inventing anything “funny” that pops in his head. A former Ski Mask supermodel, Frank subscribes to the theory that life is short…and, well, that kinda sucks, doesn’t it? In his downtime Frank enjoys skinny skiing and going to bullfights on acid.

Austin Fontanella
Austin Fontanella is the closest thing this blog will ever get to a “sports expert”. His resume includes years of T-Ball, and a short stint as Position Number 1 for the Pukka Chukkas in the World Elephant Polo Association. Austin is also the proud father of a Tamagotchi,Carl, and during his free time enjoys making moon shine and playing the spoons.

CIBF’s resident ‘anger blogger’, Pistoffirishman is a married father of two boys. He also has a long term civil union with alcohol and anger. Some people say one causes the other but Ihe doesn’t give a shit. In between work, marriage and binges he tries to get a rise out of people. Why you ask? Because he’s incredibly bored, Nightcourt isn’t on Nick at Night anymore, and his wife hid his God damn whiskey. So what of it!!!

Dan Tobin
Dan stands a stoic 5’7”, with piercing green eyes…like lasers… and it has been said that he’s a little too handsome to be considered a 6 (out of ten). His favorite season is fall and he loves things baked with cinnamon. When not exercising blogging jocularity, his biggest passions are reading and Hugh Grant movies…with a major in “Love Actually.” When asked what he’d like readers of this website to know about him… “I don’t mind being the little spoon.”

Leah Burke                                                                                                                                              \

Single gal who just turned 30; self-proclaimed “Cat-Lady”. Full time Realtor. Part time daytime bartender at local watering hole. Some time blogger.



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