Ariana Grande spits in the eye of romance, and the entire City of Lowell


Lil’ Miss Ponytail Ariana Grande has an, ahem, enthusiastic fan from Massachusetts: a 29-year-old man named Tim Normandin. Tim sent Ariana a 42.5-pound pumpkin for Halloween. Ariana sent Tim the cops.
According to TMZ, “police in Lowell, MA paid a visit to the home of 29-year-old Tim Normandin after Ariana’s record label complained the guy was sending Ariana a slew of packages.” The list of gifts shows that Tim has no problem clearing out the frickin’ mall—in addition to the pumpkin, he’s sent:

• Eight (8) Yankee candles
• a 3-piece mirror set from Kmart
• a $200 anklet from Kay Jewelers
• a rock from the White Mountains of New Hampshire
• an unspecified number of dog and cat calendars

Cops told Tim that he’ll face criminal harassment charges if he doesn’t stop sending Ari all this crap. Tim says he’s not gonna stop sending her all this crap.

Hey Ariana Grande, how about showing a little appreciation for the gesture?  Out of all the guys in Lowell that could bestow gifts upon you, you got the most romantic dude among us.   Yankee Candles, 45 pound pumpkins, non-edible jewelry from Kay Jewelers…what an embarrassment of riches.  The #2 ranked “most romantic guy in the city” is my buddy Dunny, and he makes his wife bring, and carry her own cooler when they go on dinner dates to Browns.

So let’s tap the brakes on the whole calling the cops thing and maybe acknowledge the effort.  If not for the reputation of young Timmy Normandin, how about doing it for the little elves that stuff all that magic into the Balsam & Cedar and Mulling Spices tumblers, out at the Yankee Candle Factory.  Or the exhausted guy at FedEx that had to lug that dumb f’n pumpkin across the country just so you could let it rot on the door step.  Or the greatest jewelry salesman ever to walk this planet over at Kay Jewelers that must have sold his soul to convince a guy to buy the first “anklet” since Service Merchandise folded their tent.    As far I am concerned, your rejection of Timmy is a rejection of us all, and I won’t stand for it.  Fahhhhk You!

12 thoughts on “Ariana Grande spits in the eye of romance, and the entire City of Lowell

  1. You must be his friend or something, because what he is doing is NOT romantic. Have you watched his videos? This kid is seriously creepy. He needs help! By the way, how is sending a pumpkin, mirrors, and calendars romantic? The anklet sure, but the rest? Not really. I’m tired of everyone saying Ariana is ungrateful or a bitch for not wanting his affection. How about people actually put the blame on the person who is doing the creepy things? People like you, are the reason that guys think it’s okay to rape or be violent to women because “she should welcome the affection”. No. That’s not how it goes. This is my opinion, and I don’t care if you don’t agree with it.

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    1. Yes Becky. Well put. It’s people like me that are ” the reason that guys think it’s okay to rape or be violent to women.”


    1. WHOA CALM YOUR ASS SUSIE HOMEMACKER …..The author of this article is the reason why people think rape and violence against women is prevalent? Are you a 4th grader? I know arianators are actually clinically insane but Jesus that’s a really bold statement to make and an inaccurate one at that. Ariana didn’t need to send the cops, she could have simply wrote him a letter saying thank you, maybe send a picture of her wearing the anklet and then say it’s more than enough and please don’t send anything else, she didn’t have to have the poor man detained. He’s just an eccentric fan. Grow up and pull your head out of your own preteen ass.

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  2. Lmao, you guys are funny. 1. Not married. Don’t wanna be at the moment. 2. Not a 4th grader. 3. I said guys like you. Not YOU. I never specifically said it was you who said it was alright. 4. I’m not an Arianotor. I just feel like people should take this more seriously. Yes, he is handicapped, but he has been asked to stop and said he wouldn’t. That’s not an overzelous fan, that’s a fan. Especially when he drove to Cleveland to go see her again. Let’s call it what it is, he needs help.


    1. people send famous people stuff like that all the time and are at least greatful for it that people think of them like that. ariana on the other hand is a fucking bitch that can’t accept it. she thinks that she’s way to good for her fans and can’t accept a gift. she sounds like an ungrateful bitch to me.


  3. Okay, I’m kinda Switzerland on this and agree with Becky. I don’t think she’s ‘spitting on romance or Lowell’. I think she was most likely influenced that you never know what measures people will go through and although I’m sure she appreciated it at some point, as these gifts continued to arrive, I’m sure it sort of ‘freaked her out a bit’. And she never took any additional measures other than calling law enforcement and asking him to stop. Although at that point he should have respected her wishes and agreed – but did not. I think considering her being young I’m sure once again she appreciates the fans yet you hear all these crazy celebrity fans so you never know what anyone is capable of these days – just saying I agree but understand. The end!


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